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The Wieliczka Montessori School has been a part of the local community for 10 years and counting! Read more about how it all started and our goal as an education institution here (in Polish).

The Wieliczka Montessori School is a private school with currently 3 groups of early childhood education.

Children in grades 1-3 learn together in a group of 25 people led by 2-3 qualified teachers and English teachers. Older children are combined into groups corresponding to grades 4-5 and 6-7.

Each group is led by a class teacher and subject teachers. Lessons at the school start at 8:00 and end at 15:00 every day. After school, children can participate in club activities.

We foster an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance of all people, regardless of their lifestyle, and we treat differences of opinion as an integral and enriching element of our community.

The Wieliczka Montessori School teaches children of different nationalities and religions. We offer every student a choice of classes in religion or ethics.

The school is attended by children with dyslexia, aphasia, autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Our goal is to enable the best education for all children, regardless of their talents, background or personality traits.

WMS in numbers

full groups
creative teachers
winners and finalists of regional olympics and competitions
cohorts of 8th grade alumni

Our directors

Simon Messing

General Director & English teacher / Co-founder

Agnieszka Sarga - Fuła

Administrative Director / Co-founder


Wieliczka Montessori School has an academic curriculum based on the guidelines of the Ministry of National Education and following the principles of Maria Montessori’s pedagogy.

Our high level of teaching is not the only thing that sets us apart. In addition, we focus on children’s needs regarding the development of their personality. We strive for our students to acquire and develop traits such as independence, self-confidence, openness, empathy, respect for others, the environment and nature.

We also offer students the opportunity for a wholesome physical development through a varied offer of sports activities.

We have a wide range of extra-curricular activities.


English language is omnipresent at Wieliczka Montessori School. Our curriculum is backed by fourteen years of experience gained in a renowned school in Krakow with an EAQUALS certificate.

All teachers speak fluent English. English is passed on to children in a natural way through the teacher’s active participation in the students’ daily tasks and responsibilities and through individual conversations during their own work. In addition, children have daily group or individual classes with native speakers. These classes are adapted to the level of English proficiency of individual students. In older groups, English is gradually introduced as the language of instruction.



A modern building from 2013 stylised as old tenement houses.
The building uses modern technologies and has excellent insulation and ventilation. A very good Internet connection has been installed, which is used, among others, during IT classes.

Building's interior

The rooms and the interior of the building were planned specifically for the needs of the school and were constructed to a very high standard, with appropriate lighting and appropriate space management.
In addition to teaching rooms, the school has a kitchen, dining room, library, and a waiting room for parents and guests.


The Wieliczka Montessori School building is located in the center of Wieliczka right next to the famous Salt Mine.
There is a parking lot for cars on site.
The nearest bus stop is 200 m away. The Wieliczka Kopalnia-Rynek railway station is approximately 400 m away.


Near the school there is a playground and a square where children spend time during breaks.

Air purifiers

All school and kindergarten rooms are equipped with professional air purifiers.

Montessori Kindergarden

On the ground floor of the building there is a branch of the Private Montessori Kindergarten - Wieliczka, with which we cooperate closely. Montessori Kindergarten ➞


The essence of independence is the ability to do something for yourself. Adults work to complete a task, but the child works to develop and works to create the adult, the person he or she is destined to become. This experience isn't just fun, it's work he needs to do to grow up.

— Maria Montessori


tel. 504 737 989
Monday – Friday 8:00 -16:00

tel. + 48 504 737 989
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00

tel. +48 539 325 066