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We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions about our school and school life. Please make sure to go through them to get better acquainted with the inner workings of WMS. If you still have questions you can contact us directly.

1. How to prepare your child for the first day at school to make this moment as least stressful and as positive as possible?

We have prepared a listicle with 9 important pieces of advice that will help you and your child be better prepared to start school life. Read them here.

2. How do mixed groups function in grades 1-3?

Older students model the behavior of younger colleagues, which often increases their motivation to reach for things they cannot yet do. First and second graders can count on help and support in organizing everyday work. The heterogeneity of the age group accelerates the development process in the child.

3. Based on what plan do children work in class?

In each class, the teacher uses an annual curriculum from which he develops a weekly work schedule for each child. Students have the opportunity to complete assigned tasks at a time and place of their choosing within a week. The class schedule includes joint presentations with classroom teachers.

4. Will the child be able to use Montessori materials independently?

Work with the material is preceded by a presentation by the teacher who demonstrates its correct use. The next step consists in repeated consolidation exercises. The cycle of work with a given material ends with a skills test under the supervision of the teacher.

5. How will the child be able to check whether he has properly mastered a given Montessori material?

Each material has control cards that allow you to check the possibilities of correct solutions. Additionally, all classes are equipped with a library and a computer enabling students to deepen their knowledge and interests.

6. Do children at Montessori school use textbooks and do they receive homework?

The Montessori school does not use textbooks because classes are equipped with educational materials prepared by teachers. Montessori education is based on individualized, complete materials adapted to the activity and abilities of students.
Homework is intended to develop regularity and a sense of responsibility for one’s duties. Their content is friendly, based on the child’s creativity and does not serve to verify knowledge.

7. Will the child be motivated to work if there are no grades or rewards at school?

The Montessori education methodology focuses on developing internal motivation, i.e. the kind that allows you to derive pleasure from the learning process itself.

8. How does the school implement an individual approach to students?

In a Montessori School the teacher follows the child. The pace of introducing new materials is adjusted to the student’s level. The teacher uses knowledge about the child’s interests and incorporates them into everyday activities.


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