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The Montessori Pedagogy

Maria Montessori’s pedagogy gives the child the chance for comprehensive development: physical and spiritual as well as cultural and social. It encourages spontaneity and creativity in his activity.

It supports the development of individual personality traits, the formation of character, the accruement of knowledge, academics skills and cooperation.

Maria Montessori sees children as beings capable of building independent personalities, able to freely develop talents, interests and strengths.

Maria Montessori

(1870 – 1952) An Italian doctor and teacher, she created a comprehensive pedagogical concept covering human development from birth to adulthood based on the claim that learning and mastering the reality surrounding a person is done not only through the intellect, but also through the senses. This concept is currently successfully used in over 20,000 schools around the world.​

Montessori Materials

The unique pedagogical materials used in Montessori schools allow children to satisfy their natural curiosity about the world around them. They also act as catalysts for stimulating abstract thinking. By touching and manipulating or arranging specific objects, children can grasp the abstract content that they will encounter at school and in everyday life.

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We encourage parents to read as much as possible from the widely available literature on Montessori pedagogy to understand not only the genius, but also the sincere love that Maria Montessori had for all people, especially children.

“A man who acts independently, who commits his energies to accomplishing tasks, overcomes himself, improves himself and develops his abilities.”

— Maria Montessori


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