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Bilingual Teaching

Our school has a fun, dynamic, and extended English program which appeals to the needs, interests and abilities of the children at each given level. 

The backbone to our English program is a constant immersion program in which children have regular contact with the language within the natural context of the school. Presently we have 5 native speakers (and 2 non-Polish speakers), spread over the 8 year levels and with whom children communicate using English. English can often be heard in the school spoken between children and teachers, children and children, as well as between teachers, making the language a natural part of the child’s consciousness and helps overcome the distance between language 1 and 2. Many of our children can be said to be bilingual or nealy bilingual.  Children even learn Geography in English right from year 1!



We have developed and extended Maria Montessori’s materials to encompass a wide range of vocabulary, enabling children to build up their range and ability to converse on a wide variety of topics. This is supported with our afternoon program in which English is boosted in an active way using game, song, recitation, rhyme, storytelling, dialogues. We run, jump, shout, sing and get used to using English in a framework that is fun, lively and appealing. In the words of one child “I love these classes because I didn’t realise I was being taught”. By the end of year 3, most children can converse in English, and some are indistinguishable from native speakers.

Children start reading in English in year 2, and by year 4 most are fluent readers. At this stage, some children are then taught English as a first language, our program based on the UK English language program.

Other children will still need to learn English as L2, however this doesn’t lower the bar. They read novels, conversing on tricky topics and use English to satisfy their needs rather than to fill in textbooks. Other than the day to day language of the school, some subjects at this level are also taught in English or partly in English – biology, geography, chemistry, history, music, art. This is calibrated every year according to the abilities of the given group to make sure that both the subject is learnt, as well as English.

By the end of year 8 our children move on to liceum, where they usually find they are best in the class. Our average pass rate at the 8 grade exam is 96% and many children enter Konkursy or Olympics. Over the 3 years when we have taken part, we have 6 finalists of both competitions as well as one Winner of the countrywide Olympics.


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