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Admission Process

Admissions 2023-24

All year: Parents of children who are interested in joining WMS are welcome to send in their application at any time of the year. We will confirm the receipt of the application and keep you informed of any upcoming meetings and events.

Parents are warmly invited to browse our website, read the FAQs, visit our Facebook Page as well as see some of our school videos at any time as part of their research into our school and the Montessori method. We highly recommend researching widely to gather independent and reliable opinions of parents who have sent their children to our school.

All of the exam results of the 8th grade graduation can be found on CKE as well as on our Facebook Page.

September – November. Each week WMS organises an online meeting with a teacher from 1-3. You are most welcome to join and ask about the school in order to find out first hand how the teachers work with the children.

Online meeting links and times can be found here. Each meeting lasts up to 45 minutes.

Important Dates

October 15 – 31: Open days for parents. Early in October we send out invitations for a given day and time so that parents may come and observe in the Montessori classroom for around 30 minutes.

November 01- 15: During this period we organise one information meeting during which prospective parents can speak to parents of children at the school, teachers, and management. The meeting covers universal aspects of the school and recruitment and lasts 3 hours.

November 15 – December 15: Open day for children. Prospective children are invited to attend open days in which they may spend anything from an hour to a whole day at the school.

Confirmation of acceptance is sent out from the beginning of the year and recruitment is usually closed by the end of the winter break.

Siblings of children already attending the school, as well as children attending our pre-school are also required to apply and take part in the recruitment process. Although such children are naturally given preference regarding acceptance to the school, each child is considered individually.

Our school does not adhere to the practice of selection according to intelligence, ability or talents. During the rectruitment process we speak openly to parents about the way we teach, the demands that this has on children and parents as well as a deeper understanding of the philosophy and psychology behind Maria Montessori’s system of teaching.


tel. 504 737 989
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tel. + 48 504 737 989
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 16:00

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