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First Day of School: How to Prepare

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How to prepare your child for the first day of school to make it as least stressful and as positive as possible?

1. Talk to your child

Before the first day of school, talk to your child about what to expect. Tell him what activities, teachers and other students will be there. Answer questions and dispel any doubts.

2. Prepare all utensils and school bag together

The task of preparing the school bag can be exciting for your child. Choosing school supplies together can help build a sense of anticipation for a new adventure.

3. Know your routine

Begin to adapt your daily routine for school. Make sure you have regular hours for sleep, meals, and time to study and play.

4. Find old and new friends

If you know that in your child’s class there will be some of his friends or classmates from kindergarten, try to ensure that these children can start a new stage together.

5. Meet the teacher

If possible, meet with your child’s teacher in advance. This will help both you and your child get to know the person in charge of the classroom and be reassured that your child is in good hands.

6. Create a positive approach

Tell your child about the positive aspects of school – what interesting things he will be able to learn there, what new adventures await him. Help him understand that school is the next stage of development and learning.

7. Provide a sense of security

On the day school starts, try to be calm and positive. Give your child a sense of security by telling him that everything will be fine. You can go to school together and help him get used to his new surroundings.

8. Positive goodbyes

If your child is upset, avoid a long and dramatic goodbye. It’s better to briefly and positively emphasize that you will come back for him after school.

9. Allow time to adapt

The first days at school can be difficult, but most children adapt quickly. Give them some time to get used to their new routine and environment.

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